Diaries to the ready for this month’s E-Hort with a full range of workshops, seminars and events and special interest group meetings. In the background we are also starting the planning for events to celebrate the CIH’s 40th anniversary – lots to celebrate as well as ambition to do more and to expand our amazing membership, breadth of expertise and to share that, and find ways to make sure that we constantly reinforce the value of horticulturists and plants in securing our future.

I had the opportunity to attend a fascinating event at the Science Museum – which was just after the call for evidence from DEFRA on the new Urban Green Spaces Inquiry. Some amazing insights and medical and scientific evidence from great speakers; highlighting for me that 56% of the global population lives in cities and that generally there is a disconnection from nature and some sobering insights. If you haven’t seen it I’d encourage you to look – the opportunity and need for skilled horticulturists couldn’t be clearer.

I came away with a phrase that stuck in my head – ‘the world needs healing ‘ and also a call for action on a personal basis that I committed to write to my MP to voice my concerns. I also heard evidence of the microbe biome in your gut being improved by contact with plants and soil – hard work I know but horticulture is good for you . . .

David Richardson CHort FCIHort