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We welcome our members to continue growing within CIH and offer the chance to upgrade your membership as your career develops, giving you the opportunity to show potential customers, employers and colleagues that you are progressing within your profession. 

Simply fill in the upgrade form and email it along with your credentials to

Do I qualify to be a Career Builder member?

To become aCareer Builder member you will be working or studying within horticulture or a closely allied discipline. Being either a Student Member or have less than 5 years experience in horticulture. Please have a look over our membership criteria and supporting documentation before applying. Further details can be found on the Career Builders page.

Do I qualify to be an Associate member?

To become an Associate member you will need anywhere up to 11 units from a combination of the academic and/or work experience. Every year working in the industry equates to one point and depending on your level of qualifications they also qualify you for further points. Please have a look over our membership criteria and supporting documentation before applying.

Do I qualify to be a Member?

To become a Member you require a minimum of 12 points from a combination of academic and/or work experience. Your highest level of qualification is combined with your experience of working within the industry to create this total. Every year spent working in the industry equates to one point, half points are awarded to periods of 6 months. Please have a look over our membership criteria and supporting documentation before applying.

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Branch visits provide opportunities to network and gain access to otherwise unavailable facilities and individuals.

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Undertake regular CPD and get on track to full membership with a view to achieving Chartered Horticulturist status. 

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I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Architecture, 18 years of landscaping and garden design experience and am currently a Garden Design and Build Manager. I am also proud to be a Chelsea award winner. I want to progress within my career and believe that becoming an MCIHort will show prospective employers just how hard I have worked at doing what I love.