Perennial asks people working in horticulture about the health and wellbeing
challenges they face

• The inaugural Horticulture Industry Wellbeing Survey launches on 17th May 2021.
• Perennial encourages everyone who works in horticulture to take part in the anonymous
survey so that together we can help to create better futures for people in the industry.
• The insights will be shared with the industry and help Perennial develop services to
support people working in horticulture.
• The survey is open to people who work in all areas of horticulture including gardeners,
landscapers, grounds maintenance, arborists, nurseries & growers, florists, garden
centre employees, garden designers, foresters and greenkeepers.
• To take part visit please share this link and encourage
others you know in the industry to join in.

The results will provide a greater understanding of the challenges people are facing and the
issues affecting them.

Developed in partnership with the Stress Management Society, the Wellbeing Survey takes just
10 minutes to complete and is completely anonymous and confidential.

Julia Hayne, Director of Services for Perennial said, “This survey gives us an incredible
opportunity to really understand the health and wellbeing challenges that people across
horticulture are facing. Feedback will help us and our partners to continue to develop services,
tools and resources that not only meet the needs of people across the industry but make a
difference to people’s lives. We encourage everybody who works in horticulture to take part in
the survey and share it with your colleagues. Let’s make a difference together.”

Click here to take part in the survey –