James Bruce Award

Awarded in honour of James Bruce for the highest score in practical examination within the RHS Horticulture Diploma.

James Bruce was a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Horticulture and Head of the Department of Horticulture at East Scotland College. We present the award in his honour to the candidate gaining the highest marks in the practical examination within the the RHS Horticulture Diploma. We believe it is of great importance to ensure we reward, and encourage, dedication to horticulture as much as possible especially within education.

The award winner is decided in conjunction with the Royal Horticultural Society in September of every year. They are awarded with a £50 book token to support their ongoing studies.

2017 YHOY Competition

For anyone under 30 the YHoY competition is a fantastic opportunity to explore an interest in horticulture, test their knowledge and get the opportunity to network with horticultural enthusiasts all over the UK and Ireland. We meet thousands of horticulturists every year as they battle their way through three challenging rounds.