Organisational structure

Find out how the Chartered Institute of Horticulture is structured

As a registered charity, with charity number 1159140, we are required by the Charity Commission to have a council of trustees. Our trustees are therefore responsible for making the strategic decisions that define who we are and what we do and make up part of our organisational structure.

The CIH Management board members over see the making of day to day decisions. These may in turn be forwarded to our council of trustees for discussion.

Members can find contact details for all CIH officers in their members area.

CIH Presidents

Photo credit: Ginger Horticulture

David Richardson CHort FCIHort

Photo credit: RBG Kew

Richard Barley MCIHort 

Vice President

Council of Trustees

Management Board

Richard Barley MCIHort
Vice President

Gabriel Roe CHort FCIHort
Hon Treasurer

Jason Daff MCIHort
Hon Secretary

Helen Sessions CHort MCIHort

Development Officer

Branch representatives

Paul Mann MCIHort
West Midlands and South Wales

John Cappalonga MCIHort

Joseph Croke CHort MCIHort

George Gilchrist FCIHort

Jason Daff MCIHort

South West

Andrew Cotterill CHort MCIHort
South East

Gareth Manning FCIHort
North West and North Wales

Officers holding other positions

David Richardson CHort FCIHort

President and Chair of Council of Trustees

Susan Nicholas FCIHort

Immediate Past President

Co-Opted Members

Phil Pearson FCIHort

Protected Edibles

James Simpson


Claire Mitchell ACIHort

Early Careers Horticulture Representative

Sue Jeffries MCIHort

Social & Therapeutic Horticulture

James Wagstaffe MCIHort

Education Committee

Young Horticulturist of the Year (YHOY)

Regional organisers

Michelle Brandon MCIHort
South East

Chris Bird FCIHort
South West

Kristopher Harper-Allison MCIHort

Josh Egan-Wyer MCIHort
West Midlands & South Wales

Robert Mackey FCIHort
North West & North Wales

Cal Stewart MCIHort

Sandra Austin MCIHort

Victoria George MCIHort