The Royal Horticultural Society in the UK would like to celebrate the huge breadth of careers available in horticulture across the world by gathering a series of images of individuals in their workplaces (their green office) amongst their plants, be it in a garden, glasshouse, field or any other horticultural enterprise.

They would like our help in publicising this wonderful career of ours through a social media campaign starting 8th May 2018

Please participate by taking a picture of yourself in your horticultural setting and posting it to Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #mygreenoffice. If you can edit your image to include the #mygreenoffice within the image also, so much the better.

The photo could be just yourself or a group of your colleagues but the key is to capture the diversity of career and also to show its global impact so it’s key to record where you are in the world either through a tag in Instagram or on the text of the tweet.

The images will then be collated and shown at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and the other RHS Shows demonstrating how fantastically diverse this career of ours is via display screen. It is hoped that by showing the amazingly varied range of opportunities available in horticulture, it will help to encourage others into the career.

The RHS would like as many horticulturists as possible to contribute and the more involved the larger the impact will be!

So if you can spare just a few minutes today why not take a photo of yourself or the team straight away with your plants and post it today and let all your colleagues know and encourage them to do the same and let’s see how big an impact we can make this!!

So please……………..

Instagram : post your photo with the hashtag #mygreenoffice and tag your location

Twitter : post your photo with the hashtag #mygreenoffice and mention where in the world your “green office” is in your tweet

Thank you!